Freeze Coring at Shannon Lake, June 2000


Shannon Lake

Sampling Crew Members - left to right: Sandra Rosenberg, Sharon (Tighe) Coslin, Lisa (Dreger) Wilson


Lisa: Crushing Dry Ice


Jeff Curtis adds methanol to create dry-ice slurry


Jeff pouring dry ice slurry into freeze corer tube


Working the dry ice slurry from funnel into freeze corer

Capping the freeze corer


Lowering the freeze corer into Shannon Lake



Jeff retreiving freeze corer from the lake bottom


Successful crew returning with freeze core


The Freeze Core


Lunch!!! Sharon and Sandra


Donna Francis, Lisa, Sharon & Jeff


Jeff removing ice plug from the core bottom


Pouring hot water into freeze corer to separate it from the frozen rind of sediment


Wrapping the rind of frozen sediment


Bottom portion of final freeze core

(right - fresh half-core planed to reveal undisturbed sediment structure)
(left - freeze-dried half-core, with laminations indicated at 5 year intervals)



EESC Coring Demonstration: May 2000


Ian with Kajak-Brinkhurst Core ready for extrusion


Preparing raft to take Livingstone core


Heading for home with truck load of gear



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