(APRIL/MAY 2002)


Photos provided by Ian & Julien Racca, Université Laval


Les & Truck - about 5 minutes after leaving Inuvik airport


The Igloo Church, Inuvik



Inuvik architecture (lower right - our abode)


Utilidor for heat, water & sewer services


Urban Avifauna


Flight service to Trout Lake, Yukon


Julien Racca & Les Cwynar augering holes for coring on Trout Lk, Yukon


Ian and Les coring with "Borro"


Coring on Trout Lake, Yukon


Coring operation on Trout Lake, Yukon


Twin Otter on frozen Yukon lake


Julien Racca (left) & Les Cwynar in Twin Otter


Mark Abbott with depth sounder on Hanging Lk, Yukon


Erin Barley on Hanging Lk, Yukon


Richardson Mtns in northern Yukon


Hanging Lake on a nicer day!!


Ian on Hanging Lake


Julien, Metre stick & electrical tape


Hanging Lake, Yukon



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