Tiedemann trip (July/August 2002)

Mountains and glaciers enroute from Bluff lake to the Tiedemann glacier by helicopter


View south from helicopter to lake



Aerial view of "Moraine Bog" coring site



Views from our campsite



Helicopter ferrying coring equipment between lake and bog sites




The Field Crew: Tracy Arsenault, Lauren Walker, Lisa Wilson, Ian & John Clague


Lisa & view to southwest on hike into "Moraine Bog"


Brown surface cores from "Moraine Bog"


The coring site & section of Livingstone core


Lugging plywood coring platform down to lake from "Moraine Bog"


Returning to campsite: Tracy, Lisa & Raft


Ian on raft while setting anchors for coring platform


Preparing the percussion core for the trip home


Tiedemann Glacier (view to WSW)


Lisa at the crest of the Little Ice Age moraine


Views north from moraine across lake


Uneven, debris-covered surface of Tiedemann Glacier & Lisa


Ian & Lisa on Little Ice Age moraine


The campsite


The kitchen



Floating food cache



Bella Coola




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