Common Pollen Types at Eagle Lake





Abies (Fir)

  • paired air bladders, attachment of bladders strongly constricted
  • coarse reticulation on body
  • "rugulate-like" body
  • thick cap, sometimes thicker in the middle

Picea (Spruce)

  • paired air bladders closely fused to body (no constriction)
  • fine reticulation on bladders
  • scabrate/granulate body
  • thin and even cap

Pinus (Pine)

  • paired air bladders (attachment of bladders strongly constricted)
  • medium retictulation on bladders
  • scabrate/verrucate body
  • even cap, except at margins

Tsuga heterophylla (western hemlock)

  • inaperturate
  • verrucate

Tsuga mertensiana (mountain hemlock)

  • small bladders